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RME Special Parts in Ohio (USA) at AIM EXPO 2019 from 26 to 29 September - Italian Pavillion :   LINK

CLEPA Award 2020


#CLEPAaward2020 The prize for SME in the "Environment" cathegory goes ex aequo to Robby Moto Engineering for RES (Range Extender System).

EICMA 2021 - Milan


RME Special Parts at EICMA 2021 from 25 to 28 November - Pavillion 22 - Stand M36   LINK

EICMA 2022 - Milan


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TEPS - Twin Engine Pack System

The TWIN PISTON ENGINE SYSTEM or T.E.P.S. – the RAP 9890 evolution presents itself as a single unit projected to be the rational integration of two engines-completely independent of each other, able to work in synchronization but also to function singularly when needed, although co-existing in one engine body.
Each engine has redundant ignition and fuel supply so as to guarantee high reliability standards in aeronautical applications.
The TEPS project obtained the SEAL OF EXCELLENCE by the European Commission in phase 1 "SME Instrument" of HORIZON 2020.



 -Unit given: VLR
 -The two units are housed in a shared engine casing but operate independent of each other (patent protected)
 -Thermo-regulated oil/air cooling (patent protected)
 -Clockwise rotation
 -Redundant electronic ignition with digitally variable advance for each single engine
 -Product engineering focused on the reduction in the number of components.


Weight 130 kg ca
Power to weight ratio 0,56 kg/hp
Consumption 280 gr/kWh
Compression ratio            11:1
Number of cylinders 8
Bore and stroke   98 mm x 90 mm
Engine capacity 5400cc
Dimensions 1000mm X 900mm X 500 mm
Cylinders alluminium alloy with NIKASIL treatment and oil-cooled
Pistons forged in alluminium alloy in 2 segments
Cylinder head oil-cooled 2parallel valves, Heron chamber
Valve regulation hydraulic valve lash adjusters