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CLEPA Award 2020


#CLEPAaward2020 The prize for SME in the "Environment" cathegory goes ex aequo to Robby Moto Engineering for RES (Range Extender System).

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   RES Range Extender System 

The R.E.S. project (Range Extender System) is characterized by an endothermic engine and a current generator specifically designed to increase the autonomy of an electric car. The objectives are maximum efficiency, minimum cost, minimum bulk and minimum weight.
The Range Extender System is designed to intervene only in case of emergency, when the battery drops below a certain threshold value so as to allow arriving at the next charging station. It allows to pass the RANGE ANXIETY and encourages the diffusion of a 100% electric car fleet. Created for the automotive sector, it has been developed to meet a broad implication in the future given the importance that electric traction is acquiring today.
RES is configured as a low-cost charging unit that can be used by a wide range of vehicles so that it can be housed in the spare wheel compartment of the vehicle.
The project is protected by patent coverage.

The RES (Range Extender System) project wins the first prize SME in the Environment category of the CLEPA Innovaton Award 2020 by the European Association of Automotive Suppliers.  Link1 - Link2 - Link3

 Displacement  500 cc
 Configuration  2 horizontal opposing cylinders (boxer)
 Bore  72 mm
 Piston stroke        61.4 mm
 Max rotation  4000 rpm
 Power  20 KW
 Torque  46 Nm
 Measurements of electrical generator  520 mm X 350 mm X 290 mm
 Weight  18 kg (endothermic part) + 20 kg (generator)
 Injection system  PFI
 Cooling system  Liquid
 Architecture  SOHC
 Valves each cylinder  2
 ICE type  Four-stroke