Robby Moto Engineering in USA at AIM EXPO 2019 - Italian Pavillion


RME Special Parts in Ohio (USA) at AIM EXPO 2019 from 26 to 29 September - Italian Pavillion :   LINK

CLEPA Award 2020


#CLEPAaward2020 The prize for SME in the "Environment" cathegory goes ex aequo to Robby Moto Engineering for RES (Range Extender System).

EICMA 2021 - Milan


RME Special Parts at EICMA 2021 from 25 to 28 November - Pavillion 22 - Stand M36   LINK

EICMA 2022 - Milan


RME Special Parts at EICMA 2022 from 8 to 13 November - Pavillion 11 - Stand S46   LINK

ISO 9001:2015


TÜV Italia certifies that the QMS of Robby Moto Engineering complies requirements ISO 9001:2015 - Certificate n° 50 100 16754



RME Avio Division at Washington-USA for the Italian National Space Day 2022:  LINK

Robby Moto Engineering in USA at AIM EXPO 2019 - Italian Pavillion


Lombardy region visits our headquarters for supply chain projects on sustainable boating: LINK



Il partenariato del progetto T.E.P.S.,che vede RME Capofila di progetto,è orgoglioso per il suo debutto italiano presso BREND.clicca sul LINK per leggere



RME Avio Division at Cape Canaveral-USA with CNR for the Aviolancio project:  LINK



RME Avio Division at Cape Canaveral-USA with CNR for the Aviolancio project:  LINK

Conclusion event for RES Project in Milan - Regione Lombardia - Pirelli Building


Conclusion event RES Range Extender System project in Milan - Regione Lombardia: LINK

Founded in 1996 in the motorcycle sector for the design and development of specific parts for all types of motorcycle;initially the company concentrated exclusively on the design and manufacture of mechanical and cycling parts.Throughout the years the structure has been equipped with increasingly more sofisticated instrumentation and two halls assigned to trial bench testing for engines-in which the most advanced techniques are implemented to verify set-up and engine power.
Research studies do not only deal with mechanical development but also cycle improvement through the  design and manufacture of specific parts for every motorcycle.The numerical check machines allow technicians to extend their experience gained over the years to parts in distribution to the public and also to be able to respond to the most particular and special needs,demands and requests of its customers with a supply of finished products.
Now, thanks to the technological competence achieved over time and the aquisition of highly advanced design and manufacturing instrumentation, the company can be an ideal answer for the solution to industrialisation problems which  could arise during the course of design or prototyping of any kind of mechanical component.
Experience and knowledge has also allowed the staff to dedicate themselves to the designing of a 4-stroke aviation propellor,produced afterwards as a prototype and currently in the experimentation stage.    Within the areas of this project, special resources have been assigned to the study, the research and the technical application with an aim to decrease enviromental, air and sound pollution of every motor vehicle.   
Cronological progress of the company can be reassumed as follows:

1996---beginning of activity in design and manufacture of special parts in ERGAL (titanium)

1997---manufacture of first equipment parts for companies in motor sector

1998---collaboration for design and production of 3 cylinder Benelli motors 

1999---development of  SS Suzuki Italia world championship motor

2000---world record speeds -750-1,300 cc

2001---development of Benelli 3 cylinder motors:superbike championship,design and manufacturing of Benelli camshafts,design and manufacture of racing camshafts

2002---production of Benelli cycling equipmentation parts, production of Benelli oil distributors,“The making of an automatic system for profile characterisation and  raising of camshaft racing morcycles”-  thesis presented by Faculty of Engineering at Parma University

2003---study of endothermic cooling in 4-stroke motors

2004---making of 3D Renault tricycle frame

2005---making of 4-stroke propulsion light aviation prototype with reducer swift 4 ring gas control study and research of  chemical/physical properties of titanium,coating and surfacing treatments, use, wear and tolerability and mechanical of connecting rods in titanium (prototyping and industrialisation)

2006/2008---development and preparation of Honda world superbike 2006 participation in pre-competetive development (law 19/02/1982 article 46). Apparatus for transmission of terrestrial digital recording and broadcasting at high level of  layout, reliability and reduced resetting times guaranteed by advanced digital control techniques

2006/2007--- “structural designing and thermofluid dyamics of a motor with VDS.regulated start-up” –thesis presented by Faculty of Engineering at Parma University,  research on design and realisation of hydraulic pump with rear braking system.

2007---Research and development of 4-stroke engine for light aviation propellor axis, cooling system, fuel injection, study of geometry of combustion chamber, study of fusion prototypes

2008---development of 6 cylinder prototype for nautical application-  .research of thermo-dynamic optimisation of 3 cylinder engine fo nautical application:participation in competitive development programme “METALMECCANICA ECCELLENZA CREMONESE”
Participation in the project “Made in Italy”-industry programme 2015;  “Eco CED rigenerative system integrated with intelligent UPS for  sufficient  typical energy needs in a  data elaboration centre”

2008---Faculty of engineering ,Parma University- vehicle PR2 team PR43100,collaboration with tecnical magazine “MOTO” for “TECHNICAL RACING PROJECT 2008” published by Nuovi Magazines SRL               

2009---Development and preparation of Ducati Motorcycle 1098 Superbike
Study and design of preparation kit for Aprilia RSVG engine
Participation in Lombardy regione’s “Fund for the expression of private promotion and consequent actions” d.g.r.n. 7025/2008  8927/2009  manufacturing/aeronautics “Verifying mechanical resistance and study of vibrations in the crankshaft of a light aviation engine” – thesis presented in collaboration with  Faculty of mechanical engineering at Brescia University
Study and development of 4-stroke engine for light aviation:optimisation of lubrification, cooling and aspiration systems. Interventions in basic project for engine camshaft, plinth and modifications to head foundering.
Moreover, in 2009, continuously striving in specialist research and iInnovative quality, with much experience and knowledge gained over the years, Robby  Moto Engineering’s tecnical staff has dedicated  particolar resources to study, development and consequent drop applications of the following projects :continuous and increasing investment divided mainly into two  important projects-the avio engine and digital terrestrial has allowed the company to conferm its character of excellence in the direction of innovation-both for the advanced motorcycle sector and  mechanical application offering growth and enlargement of its productive horizons.

2010---Robby Moto attempts other fields of development based on its tecnical knowledge and experience gathered in the past years and analysis of motoristic application. One of the sectors taken into consideration is that of  go-karts. At this point-at the ultimisation of the planning stage and prototyping of a suitable 250cc 4 stroke engine, the sector’s  tangible enthusiasm offers the possibilità of a neccessary industrialisation of the project.Always sensitive to changes and progress in the motorcycle sector, the birth of new agonistic categories opens up further growth prospects by way of the creation of a new specific enginefor the forthcoming MOTO 3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP GP , which will substitute the 2 stroke 125cc class. Currently under definition of agreement in referment to the above- agreement thanks to which the MOTO 3 will be presented as an innovative alternative to those engines already on the market for the 2014 racing season. The traditional activities remain in situ- such as the assistance workshop, motorbike sales,engine repairs,special RME labelled  production parts and manufacturing and processing for third parties.
With the aquisition of more avantguarde operating machinary over the years accompanied by strong investment in sofisticated analytic and measuring instrumentation ROBY MOTO ENGINEERING has also transferred onto a line of parts distributed to the public its experience matured during the course of over a decade of activity-but above all the capacity to respond with direct supplying of finished products and services dedicated to satisfying even the most demanding and particular requests of its customers.For this reason the study, design and experimental development of third party pre-production models and prototypes for sectors of mechanical excellence rapresents a growing characteristic of the innovative capacities of the company. 

2013--- “ROBBY” tecnical staff introduced the new T.E.P.S. –TWIN ENGINE PACK SYSTEM project.Study, research, planning and development of a completely new and innovative aeronautic propelling system consisting of the grouping together of 2 endothermic engines into one body-the so-called “PACK” whose particularity is its capacity to function and synchronise with indipendent motors but as needed, can also function singularly.The system under certification for aeronautical application (EASA-FAA) will allow the achievementof new quality and safety standards for so-called “light” helicopter motorisation (up to 1.000kg ) on take-off thus responding to a very real need and request from territorial control and monitoring. The project-admited thanks to the participation in the “competition for industrial research and experimental development geared towards the strengthening of regional authorised centres” and financed by the Lombardy region together with the Cariplo Foundation will involve international researchers and universities of a very  high level and will use those research centres stimulated by continous requests on the part of various companies in the aerospace sector (NADCAP certified-not yet implemented in the Lombardy region) and will furthermore attract  young researchers.Admission into the Lombardy Aerospace District.

2017: Robby Moto Engineering designs the RES, Range Extender System. A unit dedicated exclusively to charging 100% electric vehicles. A small internal combustion unit that can run on either gasoline or natural gas integrated with a generator, specifically designed to recharge the vehicle's batteries in case of emergency and allow you to safely reach the first available charging station. The dimensions and the compact weight allow it to be housed in the spare wheel compartment.

2018: The UAVE (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Engine) project is born, a two-cylinder four-stroke unit designed for unmanned aircraft. Small dimensions and only 23 kg of weight allow Robby Moto to be present with a unit that integrates all the latest technologies acquired since 1996 in the motor field in the new and growing market of unmanned aircraft.

2020: The RES (Range Extender System) project wins the first prize SME in the Environment category of the CLEPA Innovaton Award 2020 by the European Association of Automotive Suppliers.  Link1 - Link2 - Link3

1 CNC MAZAK VTC-20B work station
1CNC MAZAK VTC 200B work station
1 CNC MAZAK NEXUS 510C work station
1 CNC MAZAK NEXUS 510C2 work station
1 CNC 5 axis MAZAK VARIAXIS c600 work station
1 controlled turning lathe MAZAK SUPER QUICK turn 250mm with
4° motorised axis
1 MOMAC controlled parallel turning lathe
1 MOMAC visualised parallel turning lathe
1 valve seat boring macnine
1 camshaft correction and grinding machine
1 parallel correction and grinding machine
1 fluxion bench
1 3D MITUTOYO 400x500x400 reader
2 camshaft elevation readers
1 trial dynamometric workbench -eddy current brakes
1 trial dynamometric workbench-accelerative rollers
1 Leonardo 3D printer REVO 600x500x600 - PLA, ABS, NYLON, FLEX, HIPS, PVA and others ...




4 Software FEM / CFD / Multibody (ANSYS MECHANICAL PRO - ANSYS CFD PRO - ANSYS DISCOVERY MODELING),  Finite Element Method and Computational Fluid Dynamic - computer simulation technique used in engineering analysis
1 AUTOCAD 2D station
1 3D mechanical desktop station
3 3D TOPSOLID mechanical desktop stations
3 CNC 3D TOPSOLID CAM route workstations
1 CNC 3D TOPSOLID powermill cam workstation
2 camshaft PROFESSIONAL CAM PRO programming workstations

1 - project manager
2 - mechanical engineers
1 - aerospace engineer
1 - automation engineer
1 - vehicle engineer
1 - programmer/designer CNC
3 - CNC operator experts
1 - assembly expert
2 - expert motorists
1 - informatic expert
1 - electronic expert